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I’m a little Ducky short and stout…

In Uncategorized on May 27, 2011 at 2:20 AM

Yippee!  Spring has finally sprung in our house!  We went on our SECOND walk today to our local grocer.  The kids were ubber excited when I told them before breakfast was done.  As soon as everyone’s hands and faces were washed, we had pancakes, the older three ran to get their shoes on!  Cora just sat and waited in ther chair watching her siblings chatter with glee.  The main point of going to the store was to get both Collin and Jasmine and Collin almond milk, WIC, and a few things for tonight’s supper.

Every few weeks, Mike…errr…I’m and responsible for providing supper for the men’s Bible study at our church on Thursday nights.  In the past, I have made chicken soup, chili, lasagna, frozen pizza (eww!), Dr. Pepper Chocolate Cake, Mt. Dew Apple Cobbler, vegetable salad, etc.  Tonight’s menu consisted of what is called, “Marlboro Man Sandwich”  the recipe found at:

Mike and I LOVE this sandwich!  I prefer it made with just soy sauce and Mike likes it made with Worcestershire Sauce.  The men appearently liked it because my crock pot was empty.  😀  YAY!!!!  Oh!  and I made roasted garlic butter too.  Also on the menu was Mt. Dew Apple Cobbler; which is basically like any apple cobbler from scratch recipe with the addition of 1 cup Mt. Dew instead of the lemon juice.  I make my cobbler totally from scratch.  Since I love to share recipes that are “nummy,” I will soon be adding a recipe page to this blog.  🙂

Lastly, here’s a bunch of pictures of Titus from tonight and Tuesday.

Baby Titus showing off the ducky jammies Daddie got him.Wanna come play with me and my siblings?Monkey jammies from Daddie!I'm a little Duck short and stout.......

Hey! No looking at my bum! Oh wait! There a Monkey there! HAHA! 😀
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