Five Ryans In Five Years

SILENCE is golden….duct tape is silver!

In Uncategorized on May 24, 2011 at 12:08 AM

I’m am so thankful today is over and everyone, as of this moment :D, is fast asleep dreaming about dancing sugar plums.  Wait!  That’s Christmas, sorry!  Since I intend on honoring Writer’s Block memory, I will like to inform ya’ll what I do late at night instead of sleeping.

1.  Check Facebook.  Spy on everyone’s very important status reports, comment as needed.

2.  Check Millionaire City app.  VERY addicting but not too addicting that I’m doing it instead of everything I’m SUPPOSED to be doing i.e.: Sleeping right now.  😉

3.  Play Millionaire City for about 15 minutes MINIMUM.

4.  Check Yahoo since Yahoo has the most reliable information; like who is dating whom and who wore what to which movie awards ceremony.

5.  Get bored on Yahoo so head over The Pioneer Woman blog.  Get update on her life and all the goings on at their ranch.

6.  Once I’ve had my “country while living in the city” fill, I head over to Babies-R-Us and dream.  For the record, I AM NOT PREGGY!!!  I just like to “window shop” there!  😀

7.  Depending on the time, I repeat cycle until the toothpicks that are holding my eyes open splinter and fall out.  As soon as that happens, I stumble down to the basmeent switch out the laundry one last time for the day and go to bed.

8.  Lastly, I sleep as sound as I can until one or all of the following happen:

a.  Titus’ alarm goes off.

b.  Check on Titus’.

c.  Mike snores REALLY loud.

d.  Cora cries out in the night.

e.  Jasmine cries out in the night.

f.  Collin cries out in the night.

g.  My brain remembers I didn’t cover Cora’s bed with a blanket to keep her warm.  Get out of bed and do that.

h.  Get back in bed, find my “sweet spot” then remember I didn’t turn on the heater in the older kids’ room.  Get out of bed to do that.

i.  Go BACK to bed.  Realize I have to go the bathroom.  Stop and get a snack, get a drink and/or snack, brush teeth, check on everyone one “last” time.


k.  Mike’s alarm goes off at 5:00am.



P.S.:  Please pray for Cora.  She has been spiking a fever last night, this morning, this afternoon, and this evening before bed.  Please pray she gets better and I can get her to the doctor’s office.


  1. I don’t think you need to turn up that heater in the kids room for awhile. 😉 Stay off the puter and get some sleep little Sis! Love ya!

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