Five Ryans In Five Years

Just get me to the church…get me to the church…Get me to the church on time!

In Uncategorized on May 23, 2011 at 12:26 AM

Today was Titus’ first full day at church!  😀  He enjoyed it SO much he slept through most of it; except for when one of the gentlemen in the church announced that he was thankful that Titus could be here at church.  As soon as his name was mentioned, Titus’ eyes popped open and started looking around.  Mike and I started giggling.  The older 4 loved that Mommie was at church today also.  Avery snuggled up REALLY close and all three of them argued who was going to sit beside me since I was already holding Cora.  Avery and Collin both got turns; Jasmine will get her turn next week, if I remember.  🙂

ALSO, today is Mike’s Burpday!  I told Avery and the kids to give Daddie lots of hugs and kisses because today is Daddie’s birthday and his a big boy now!  hehehe  Mike just smirked at me.  Today Mike turned 21…again!  BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

In other news, Cora spiked a 99.7 fever right before bedtime.  I gave her the full dosage of tylenol alloted for her; three-fourths teaspoon.  Her temp went down to 97.1 in an hour or less; we are thinking she is either teething or she has an ear infection.  Collin seems to be doing okay on the almond milk for the last 24 hours.  The real test is when he goes back to his chiro this week.  I’m praying that Collin and Jasmine’s chiro will say that both are improving and all 4 of their valves are in alignment.  (I doubt it.)

In keeping with my earlier promise, here are more picture of the munchkins!  Enjoy!

Cora glaring at the camera

Cora being cora for the camera

Jasmine cheesing it up for the camera

Avery is modeling how big Titus' four day oxygen tank is! He's a few inches taller!? What happened to my little nine pound baby boy!? WAHHHHHH!!! 😉 Just kidding.

  1. What beautiful pictures. I am so glad you all got to go to church today, what a huge blessing and a great present for Mike.


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