Five Ryans In Five Years

Writer’s Block is a beast!

In Uncategorized on May 21, 2011 at 9:39 AM

The last few days have not been that overly busy, I have just been suffering from a violent case of writer’s block!  I’m sorry!  I love you all and greatly appreciate you taking time out of your own busy schedules to read the zany happenings of the Ryan clan.

Everything is normal here.  Mike is going to have his burpday tomorrow.   Avery is quickly learning his alphabet and numbers.  Jasmine is learning to use the potty.  Collin is trying lactose free milk to see if his tummy can handle it.  Cora was a major clingy princess yesterday when Mike got up; so much so that she would scream when he put her down.  The only way she would tolerate being put down is if her blue bouncy seat was right beside Daddy’s green chair.  Titus is getting to be a BIG chunky boy; he didn’t need a treatment yesterday but I did forget to do his Pulmicort.  Oops!  😀  I enjoyed sleeping in until 9:30am yesterday without having to get up at a horrid 5am to help get Mike ready for work.

Well, I better get going!  The Munchkins are awake and threatening to take down their bedroom walls with them!  AHHH!!!  Sounds like it will be a “quiet” day in the Ryan house!  NOT!!!!  hehehehe  I promise there will be pictures this weekend.

Wish me luck!  I’m goin’ in!

Love you all!

P.S.:  Here’s a song I heard on the TV show Bones.  I like it!  Enjoy!  😀


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