Five Ryans In Five Years

Day #?????? Whose counting???? No body move ….i’ve dropped my brain!

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Last week while mike was wrestling the kids down for bedtime, here are a series of pictures of cuties.  Enjoy!  Titus is doing well he only needed a neb treatment this morning and once before his after nap bottle than right afterwards to clear some congestion.  Last night he slept from 1a to almost 7a.  🙂  please pray earnestly that he starts having bowl movements.  I am suspecting his formula is irritating his tummy.
Mike now has the weekends off!  Jack Links made two shifts for production where some people work 4 10 hour days (mon-thurs) and others are scheduled to work over the weekend (fri-sun.)  I’m excited to have him home more and so will the kids.  This weekend however he will have to work because his FMLA ends but at least its just one saturday.  Mike did tell me that there is still a potential for overtime but not as much.

  1. A mind is a terrible thing to waste or to loose!

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