Five Ryans In Five Years

Days #32, 33, and 34-The Massive News Flash

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Okay, I’m so sorry for not keeping up on this poor blog.  I had tried starting a blog a couple years ago a few months after Collin was born but I quickly got busy and just as quickly ran out of topics to blog about.  So without much ado, here is a massive update on the last three days in the Ryan house:

Day #32 Thursday:

I got just about the same amount of sleep Thursday night as I did the night before.  Titus slept better also.  I could tell many people were praying for Titus, myself and the kids the past few days.  Titus was improving slowing during the day; his alarms were going off regularly as he was trying to maintain a 95-100% O2 saturation.   I had to give Titus regular neb treatments in the morning and in the late afternoon and evening.

The kids were very helpful and able to keep busy by playing together while I was I able to, thankfully, able to get two loads of dishes done, a few loads of laundry washed, dried, and put away.

Avery happily helping Titus with his paci.

Day #33 Friday:

Titus only required neb treatments a couple in the morning and a few at night.  However, I still went to bed around 2a; last night was AWFUL!   I had to fight with Titus’ Pulse/Ox Monitor from 3:30a-5:30a when I just took Titus out to the living room and put him in his new swing.  We had to get Titus a different swing than the one you saw in on Day 29 because the seat was a such a extreme angle for Titus that he kept desat-ing and setting off his pulse/ox alarm.  This is the new one we got.

Titus fast asleep in his new swing.

I finally broke down and assigned laundry baskets for the kids, Mike and myself.  We have a collection of 4 round baskets given to us from our church while I was gone in December to be with Titus in DSM and 2 rectangle baskets.  I pulled out our black sticky marker and got creative.  I have seen and heard other families doing the basket system for get clothes done from dirty, to washer, dryer, up to be folded and put away but wasn’t totally sold on the idea for YEARS!!!  Well, desperation was my teacher and motivator so this is what we got:

Avery showing off his new basket. His says Stringy Bean-ie, as is his nickname. This things in the middle are my weak attempt at drawing string beans.

Collin showing off his new basket; with "Monkey" in the bottom.

Jasmine showing off her new basket; "Butterfly"

Cora showing off her new basket with the help of Daddie.

Day #34  Saturday:

Last night was a repeat of Friday night only with the addition of Titus’ lead on his Pulse/Ox Monitor was not on correctly which caused the alarm to go off REPEATEDLY.  It got so bad that I had to take him out to the living room to sleep, me on the couch and Titus in his new swing.  He slept well enough but the…ALARM…kept going off waking us both up.

Since Mike went to the Men’s Work Day at Raccoon River Baptist Camp, the kids and I took a world class adventure from our house to the Pocahontas Recycling Center, TWICE!  hehe  Titus slept through the entire adventure but the other 4 kids LOVED getting out of the house for a while even if it meant just staying in their car seats the entire time.  Avery was chattering away about this and that with me, Jasmine, Cora, and Collin entertained themselves with each other or looking out the windows.  I’ll share about the Men’s Day hopefully tomorrow depending on my schedule.

  1. Love the baskets and pictures! Do they help the kiddos keep their clothes picked up and put away? Have a great day!

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