Five Ryans In Five Years

Day # 27 & 28-Happy Mother’s Day, Spike, and Spikey

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Day #27 Saturday:

After our wild trip to get our weekly supplies, I spent the greater portion of the day trying to get as much cleaning done as I could before Sunday.  Mike helped the men of the church get a few projects done in and around the church building and the parsonage.  Mike used a gas powered pressure washer to strip the flaking paint from the parsonage.  Mike, his assistant Danny, and the kids had a “blast” when I lifted this kids up into the office window while Mike would spray the window.  All four kids would jump and squeal in delight each time Daddie “sprayed” them in the face.  Cora was the funniest because she didn’t know what to expect.  The kids watched Fantasia 2000 again with narration from Mommie and/or Daddie.

Cora got her old bouncy seat back and she enjoyed it throughly.

Cora lived, ate, slept in this bouncy seat for the first 7 months of her life.

This bouncy seat was given to us by a wonderful, sweet lady in our church a few years ago.  Collin, Cora, and Titus can attest to how comfy it is.  Since Titus got a new swing, I debated if I should keep it still or not.  Ultimately, I decided to keep it for the moment because Cora still fits in it and she was repeatedly trying to steal it back from Titus.

Cora snuggling with her dollies in "her" bouncy seat.

Day #28 Sunday:

Happy Mother’s Day to all the tired Mommas!  Happy Mother’s Day to MY Mommie, Sister, Sister-in-law, Aunts, and mommie friends.  What was your special thing(s) that your family bestowed upon you for your Mother’s Day 2011?  God blessed me with many gifts today.

Titus gave me four hours of straight sleep.   Both he and Mommie felt much better this morning after having such a restful night.  Titus is, however, coming down with the chest cold that has migrated through the household.  Titus also have me lots of snuggles now that he knows how to do it.  Awwwww!   And he is learning to smile with his eyes at both me and Mike.  So precious!

Cora gave me BIG smiles, cheerful squeals of delight when I chased her across the house.  Cora have me lots of hugs and she helped put away her toys too.  Cora even carried the wipes container from the kids’ room to me.  She’s so big and cute!

Collin “let” me spike his hair while he was waiting for lunch to be served after church.

Collin so happy Mommie spiked his hair.

I personally like to get some super hold gel and mega hold hairspray and spike Collin’s hair again.  BWAHAHAHA!!!!  Collin also gave me his usual hugs, kisses, and snuggles; even after I spiked his hair.

Jasmine was me BIG girl today.  She was in underwear for most of the afternoon.  Yeah she wet both pairs of undies BUT she was willing to go to the potty when I told her to and she enjoyed the extra fruit treats for having dry undies.  Jasmine gave me a lot of hugs, smiles, and kisses.

Avery was also very happy I spiked his hair too!

Avery enjoying his spikey hair! BWAHAHAHA!!!!

Avery also helped me with Titus’ monitor when it went off, brought wipes for me from the bathroom, made his bed, played with Cora while she was waiting for me while Collin and Jasmine make another milestone in their potty training adventure.  Avery also played his Super Why game from Aunt Angie with Collin and Jasmine.

Titus snuggling with me during his afternoon feeding

Here's Titus' version of Holding Tiny Hands with Mommie this afternoon. Mommie and Daddie just HAD to take a picture of this milestone.

Mike gave me a lot of help with the kids, too.  He played with them, chased them, kept them smiling, squealing in delight, wrestled with Avery before nap time, snuggled with all of the kids.  Mike also went just special to Humbolt Hardees to get my favorite take out meal:  Angus burger with mushrooms and swiss and curly fries with a large Dr. Pepper.  Mike also gave me the blessing to see Titus’ eyes light up when Mike was talking to Titus in his swing.

As a family, we enjoyed watching Fantasia 2000 again.  The kids love it as much as I did when I was a child.

So, while most moms were enjoying days out at restaurants, shopping sprees, etc.,  I was at home enjoying my family doing what I always do.  Mother’s Day is special to me because I’m a mom; simply put.  Growing up, I didn’t ever think I could have children because of genetic hormonal issues.  God answered my fears, questions, and doubts five years in a row with five VERY different children.  Praise God!  God has seen fit that I should have this many babies in short time to glorify HIM not me or my husband.  We, Mike and I, are thankful for each child and will welcome future children as more blessings from God.  We know a wonderful Christian couple who just had their 8th blessing.  After they had their older children, their next baby was “Gravy Baby” because after 4th baby the next one is just gravy on the potatoes.  Gravy is the best!  Gravy Baby!  I love it!

We do plan on having more children as long as it glorifies God.  I, personally, would like to have at least one more but our high risk pregnancy doctor that delivered Titus said to wait at least two years before trying again.  We plan to honor that request for several reasons:

-The longer we wait between Titus and Munchkin #6, this higher chance Munchkin #6 will have at being healthy and full term.

-We love children.

-We couldn’t imagine life without our babies.

-Children are a delight

Grandchildren are the crown of old men,
         And the glory of sons is their fathers. -Proverbs 17:6

And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, “Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain!” So God granted him what he requested.  1 Chronicles 4:10

There are MANY more verses from the Bible about children and their importance to God and to family.  I would encourage every stressed out, frustrated Momma (and Daddie) to do a quick Bible study on how God views children and to ignore main stream media or even well intending family and friends advice if it goes contrary to God’s Perfect Design.


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