Five Ryans In Five Years

Days #24, 25, & 26- The Great Marathon at Ryanville

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Day #24 Wednesday:

Wednesday was pretty normal just helping the kids get over their colds/allergies.  The kids went to church and came back coughing up their lungs.  All three of the older ones got neb treatments and allergy medicine; jasmine and avery had tylenol because they were really warm before bed.

Day #25 Thursday:

We had a surprise visitor!  GRANDMA RYAN!  😀  Mommie and the kids were happy and surprised to have a visitor.  😀  I took a lot of pictures of Grandma Ryan holding Titus and sitting with her heritage:  her grandkids!  Grandma Ryan was smiling ear to ear with them.  The kids were awesome and cooperated for awesome pictures.

Grandma Ryan enjoying her grandkids

CHEESE!!!! We love you, Grandma Ryan!

Titus snuggling with Grandma Ryan

Day #26 Friday:

As a family, we went out for the second time together to Fort Dodge.  We as a family went to Walmart to purchase our two week shopping spree.  Titus is currently enjoying his new sanity swing!  Avery got a Transformers bedding set for his 5th birthday, and we got a copy of Fantasia 2000 for the kids and me to enjoy tomorrow after naps.  I remember watching Fantasia the first time it came out on VHS.  I still remember the dance of the hippos and crocodiles and Mickey as the wizard’s assistant.  I hope the kids will enjoy this as much as I did as a kids.

Daddie snuggling with Avery on his new Transformers bedding.

Titus shocked about the vibrating swing! hehehe

Titus sound asleep in his swing.


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