Five Ryans In Five Years

Day # 18 & 19-Cough, sore throat and a phone call

In Uncategorized on April 30, 2011 at 12:42 AM

Yesterday was a day that was studded with giggles, squeals, laughters and coughs coming from our munchkins.  Collin had started to develop a cough since mid last week but nothing too serious until this Wednesday when his nose started running and he began to sound under the weather.  I checked his and everyone’s throats; quite challenging feat to achieve with a one year old I might say.  The girls’ throats were clear but Collin’s throat was red and swollen and Avery’s was slight red and starting to swell.  Since I couldn’t just make an appointment, pack up the munchkins and walk to the doctor’s office; Titus has to stay out of public until the end of May, I made an appointment for Collin to go in today.

By morning, Avery was really tired and just wanted to lay down for 30 minutes after breakfast this morning.  After I laid the kids down for their naps, I realized that Avery was also getting sick.  Since our clinic…errr….band aid station….err….clinic changed their policy to only allow 2 kids per appointment and a 20 minute wait in between to clean the room if you wanted to bring in more.  Normally, like a logical person would do (I’m usually not that person,) I would bring all the sick ones with the healthy ones just to get everyone seen at once.  Logical right?!  Well, I can’t don’t do that anymore.  Thankfully, Mike was able to watch Jasmine, Cora, and Titus while I took Avery and Collin in today.

Also, this morning, Mike got a phone call from his work, Jack Links Beef Jerky in Laurens, Iowa, that he had to come in to work because his Family Medical Leave Act had ended.  The reason that his Human Resources Manager said was “That since Titus was home from the hospital now, he’s no longer medically needy.  Therefore Mike has to come in to work.”  Surprisingly, this is coming from a non-doctor.  Hummmmm.  I guess my losing 6 pints of blood, needing to have 2 pints of blood to recover, having to stay in Des Moines the entire month of December, traveling to and from DSM for 3 months on the weekends, bringing home Titus on:

-1/2 liters per minute of oxygen

-has to use oxygen tanks to breathe or his oxygen blood levels would drop to 50%

-has to have steroids to help his lungs to continue to develop

-his lung doctor classifying him with Chronic Lung Disease

-has two nebulizer medicines a day

And he considered “not medically needy so therefore Mike has to be at work instead of helping me take care of Titus and the kids.  Hummmmm…..  I know I went to public school and all but MAN!  WOW!  I’m so glad I didn’t hear my phone this morning when Jack Links Beef Jerky’s Human Resource Manager called my phone to tell us this at SEVEN O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING?!

Please pray for peace to come out this situation.

Please pray for Mike and I as we seek God’s will in the situation and in the future.

Also, please pray for everyone get well and that Titus doesn’t get sick too.

Oh a lighter note, yesterday Collin didn’t want to obey and put away his toys and get into his chair for supper.  When I went to fetch him, he started yelling “NO!” at me several times then of all things, he started blowing raspberries at me!  I was surprised and wanted to laugh but didn’t.   hehe  The look on his face was too cute and funny.  So, here’s “Mommie’s Revenge” and a picture of Collin freshly new born!  BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!  (Susan, do you remember this chunky monkey?)

Freshly new born Collin

  1. Man some days are really tough. I am praying everyone gets well soon. I pray also for rest and time for you to recharge my friend.

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