Five Ryans In Five Years

Day 14 &15- Easter Princess and Doctor Appointments

In Uncategorized on April 25, 2011 at 10:10 PM

HAPPY RESURRECTION DAY EVERYBODY (A day late 😉 )  We celebrated by EASTER by me (Mike) getting up early helping the guys  make the breakfast for the annual church breakfast made by get this all guys, and yes it is edible ;).  The girls had really cute and adorable dresses picked out as well.

Princess Jasmine and Cutepie Cora showing their dresses off.

After myriads of pictures taken we left church, ate and traveled to the Studio Plus Hotel in West Des Moines to get ready for Titus’s first and early appointments in West Des Moines and Mercy Hospital.  Later that night to wear out the four older kids, we let them run (Supervised of course) down the halls.  See picture below.

Avery, Jasmine, and Collin getting their wiggles out.

Then of course came bed time and time to tackle daddy so we can get all their energy out (ha ha ha)

Time to get daddy.

As for Titus’s appointments, he is officially off the Apnea machine but must be on the Pulse OX.  He also got to see his favorite staff err nurse err Girlfriend Nurse Angela.

A picture of Nurse Angela holding me while I still had my staff at me beck and call.

A message from Titus, I saw my girfriend today whined to her that mommy and daddy aren’t meeting what my staff gave me she just laughed and put me back down in my carseat.  She is going to Las Vegas for a few months so other babies like myself can get a good snuggle from an awesome nurse.


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