Five Ryans In Five Years

Day #4-Bath Time!

In Uncategorized on April 24, 2011 at 1:16 AM

Today was pretty “normal” day.  Amid the squeals of delights coming mainly from Avery and Collin, the older kids got to enjoy another “welcome Home, Baby Titus” they got to watch “Garfield, The Movie” this morning.

Avery got to help me make homemade hash browns for lunch.  He took it upon himself to dry off each potato before handing them to me.  Since our family has a love affair with hash browns, I had to figure out how to make them without spending at least $2-3 a bag at the stores.  My first attempt was BAD!!  Then I figured out to shred the potatoes into cold water, rinse the starch off THROUGHLY with cold, running water, and spread the cleaned off hash browns onto a large bath towel and VIOLA!  Homemade Hashbrowns!  I made extra so now I have a large gallon size ziplock bag in the deep freeze for the future.  Yippe!  Now to figure out how to make tator tots…hummmm….  🙂

Titus is doing really well learning that he doesn’t have a wait staff of nurses anymore.  He usually is the most fussy in the morning when he is trying to get used to the kids’ extra noise and deciding if he is, in fact, hungry or not.  Since coming home, Titus has been eating 4 ounces of formula per feeding.  Today he ate at:  7a, 9:30a, 11a, cat napped, 1p, took a nap, 3:45p, 5p, cat napped, 9p and is sleeping still.

I gave all the kids their showers/baths tonight; which I normally did on Thursday nights because of Mike and I traveling the past 4 months down to see Titus.  I figured I try to do it tonight and at first Titus seemed to think that it was more important for Mommie to me the Centurion of the Pacifier instead of bathing this brothers and sisters.  Mommie convinced him to learn to keep his hands away from his face and keep the paci in himself instead.  Hopefully soon Titus learns to keep the paci without help; which he can if he WANTS to.  😉

Titus is funny to watch getting his baths.  At first he is horrified about the water but as soon as he is completely laying in his baby bathtub, he just relaxes and enjoys the warm water.  I’m thankful he’s used to baths because bathing a newborn is HARD!  Typically newborns, and all parents know this, HATE water and will scream their little brains out from start to finish and then beyond their dressing until they get feed.  Titus, however, just gets upset, like his sister, Cora, when you take him out of the water.  I didn’t get any pictures but maybe the next time he gets a bath, Mike can take a bunch of pictures and a couple of videos.  I wonder what I can use as a brib?  Hummmm……I’ll have to think about it and get back to you.


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