Five Ryans In Five Years

Day #12 & Day #13-Petticoats are EVIL!!! Just sayin’.

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I have spent the better part of my “free time” sewing a petticoat for Jasmine’s Easter dress that she will wear to church tomorrow.  The idea of making a petticoat/tutu has been tickling the back of my mind for months.  I have seen some CUTE tutus on the internet, most of which can be really expensive.  Determined to make Jasmine’s dress “poof-ier,” I pulled out some old material that I had orginially intended to use to make my own wedding dress but didn’t work out.  Now that I have “completed” the petticoat, I say that loosely because its not officially done; I ran out of material and a few seams are backwards.  I will admit readily that I LOVE to sew but most of the time the project wins and I lose.  This project won BUT I will WIN the next time.  As crazy as it sounds I will try to make more tutus/petticoats for my girls to be pretty in and maybe give the “pretties” to other little girls in my life.  I know I wish I had a tutu when I was growing up!  I’m going to be jealous!  But not jealous enough to make myself one!  🙂

I'm gathering the trim for the hem of Jasmine's petticoat.

I think I have logged in two naptimes (2 1/2 hours), two after bedtimes (3 hours), and one hour or so after naptime this afternoon.  I did learn A LOT from this project.  I still don’t follow directions very well.  Anyone that knows me well should find this a real shocker.  🙂  Be sure to use material that doesn’t fray at the slightest touch.  Be certain you have enough material in the beginning (or beg for some before even starting said project.)  🙂

Today, we had a slight scare with Titus, for the record his is safe and healthy at home; we discovered that his Liquid Oxygen Concentrator and Pediatirc Flowmeter that gives him oxygen wasn’t working right.  This morning he was happy and all pink but by the time early afternoon came around, he was getting lethargic and not pink any more.  I checked the machine and the flowmeter and it was at 0 Liters Per Minute (LPM); I fixed and called Apreia Health Care.  I talked to the customer rep and he made sure the tubers were correctly attached between the two machines; which they were.

Twenty or so minutes later, we noticed his coloring was really bad so I put the Pulse/Oxygen monitor on his foot which immediately read 50%.  NOT GOOD!  I quickly attached him an oxygen tank and turned it on, so I thought at the time.  I picked up Titus and stimulated him to get him to take big breathes but his oxygen was only going up to 78% at best.  Mike looked at the gauge on the tank and asked if it was open, I said, “Yes” but checked anyways.  Come to find out, I attached Titus’ oxygen line to the tank but FORGOT to open the valve completely.  I opened the valve further and his numbers dramatically responded by jumping up to 100% and only dipped down to 98%.  As it stands right now, Apreia is going to come check on the machines on Tuesday.  Until then, Titus will be using his tanks of oxygen instead.  I currently have enough tall tanks to last me 4 days and 10 smaller more portable tanks that would get me close to 2-3 days.

I’m so thankful that Mike was home today helping with the kids and Titus that he noticed Titus’ coloring and energy levels.  THANK YOU, Mike!!!!

This is Titus' coloring around early afternoon.

This is Titus this evening after the kids were in bed.

  1. ahhh! The joys of sewing! So glad Titus is still keeping you all on your toes and that he is doing better with his o2. I think Aunt EMT girl needs to teach his Mommy about o2 tanks. 😉 Love ya!

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