Five Ryans In Five Years

Day #11-Burpday and Bride In Waiting

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Five years ago, I was recovering from pushing for two hours just to get my oldest boys HUGE head and WIDE shoulders out!  That day, like each Labor Day of my childern, I remember the most vividly.  On April 20, 2004, I worked in the Target Food Ave in Ankeny, Iowa.  I got to work at 7am and worked until 4:30pm.  That morning I felt fine, preggy, but okay.  Around 10a, I started to feel REALLY bad and I figured I would just have another yucky day.  But that Yucky feeling never left but got worse steadily as the day wore on.  To top of the situation, we were down 2 people on the morning/afternoon shift, had 3 health inspections, and 2 HUGE food shipments come in that, your’s truly had to deal with.  By the time, my boss came in at 11a, I was ready to go home but couldn’t and that didn’t stop me from begging from time to time.  Carol was awesome and put up with my whining for the most part.

By the time 4:30p FINALLY creeped across the clock, I stumbled out of the Food Ave, clocked out, then made the LONG walk from the front door to the side of the building where I picked.  (I was supposed to be parking in the employee parking lot by Radio Shack, if you know Ankeny, but I almost didn’t make that far three weeks earlier.)  I drove across town, walked up TWO full flights of stairs, changed out of my uniform, and collapsed in my bed for about 45 minutes until Mike called and told me to come pick him up at TruGreen across Ankeny.  I told mike I would get there when I get there because of the entire situation.  It took me 15 minutes just to walk/stumble from our apartment to the car and another 30 minutes to drive across town; normally it takes 20 minutes but I didn’t care if I was driving SLOW.

I picked up Mike, HE drove to Target to do some last minute shopping and exchange a baby outift.  Of all places, we ate supper at the Food Ave;  I ordered the kids mac and cheese meal and mike had the Buffalo Chicken Pizza.  😉  I was half way done eating my meal when I suddenly dropped my fork, slumped forward and started crying for no reason.  This TOTALLY FREAKED out all the cashiers, guests, and Mike.  When I was finally able to control myself I told all the cashiers to go back to work, told Mike to call the midwives, and I just sat there just trying to relax and breath.

Mike called and talked to the Midwives and then they wanted me to talk to them.  Since I could only talk for a less than a minute with short periods where I couldn’t talk, they told Mike to bring my bag and me in to check to see what’s going on.  This meant:  getting to the door of Target in a wheelchair, driving BACK to the apartment, Mike went and got my bag that was mostly packed, drove to DOWNTOWN Des Moines to Methodist Hospital, he dropped me off at the door in a wheelchair, parked, then took me up.  As soon as I was wheeled into the maturity ward, the nurses jumped up and took me right to the Triage Room to be evaluated.  They and we thought that I was dialated to 2-3cm but I was pronounced to be SIX centimeters dialated!!!!

After getting settled in our room, Mike called our close friend and AWESOME doula, Susan, to come to the hospital.  (I miss you STILL, Susan!)  Anyway, that was around 8p or so; my midwife wanted to pop my bag, at first I didn’t want to but I was so tired that decided to did it.  At first it was total relief of the pressure but that also ment Avery moved down FASTER.  OUCH!!!  The nurses teased me at each birth, that I’m the worst person to watch in labor because I actually fall asleep during active labor!

By the time 3:14a came around, Avery was born 9 pounds 2 ounces 21 1/2 inches long.  Avery is now up to my elbow and weights 45 pounds.  He has blonde hair, blue eyes, looks like his Daddie, loves bacon, cars, school, building blocks, and helping Mommie at home with his younger siblings.  WE LOVE YOU, AVERY!!!!

A VERY NEWborn Avery on April 21, 2004. Yes, he still like to scream and, yes, his feet are STILL that BIG!!

Avery looking handsome at five years old!

Finally in other news, I got a little Bride In Waiting, Cora!  I am in the process of making some sewing projects and I had some very old curtains that I turned into scraps.  Here’s what Cora did with the scrapes for about 15 mintues.

Here's our future bride in waiting, Cora.

Lately, Titus has learned a NEW trick.  He’s figured out that if he squeezes his chubby cheeks together and then pushes up, he can pull his nasal canula out of his nose.  This is okay except for ONE thing, doing this makes his oxygen levels drop QUICKLY from 100% to 89% in about 10 minutes or less.  Eventually this will be remedied when I get better stickers on this face for the canula.

My latest Go Fish fan in training. I have the other kids INSISTING on listen/watching the group, now I have an earlier start on Titus. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  1. In tears as I read this. I so remember that day. I thought of you guys all day yesterday. What joy it was to be there with you. You are an awesome Mama and an awesome woman watch in labor. Yes, I am jealous of you and your “control” in labor. Avery, what a gem.

    Praying for you guys and miss you a ton.


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