Five Ryans In Five Years

Day #10-The Snake Man

In Uncategorized on April 21, 2011 at 12:20 AM

Since its late and I’m brain is turning into dust bunnies, I just wanted to share the funniest part of our day.  The kids and I were watching Star Wars I for the billionth time today.  Each time it get to battle scene of Darth Maul (sp?), Obi Waun (sp?) and Qui Gon (sp?) Avery gets really confused as to what Darth Maul is.  Today, however, in this 4 year old wisdom and experience, Avery walked right up me and told who Darth Maul was.  After I hugged him tight and smothered him in kiss, Avery said, “I just saw the Snake Man fight.”  “Oh really!” “Yes, and he had two swords stuck together.”  “What did the Snake Man look like?”  “Red and Black.”  All of this was said very seriously.  I just smiled, squeezed him tight again and, of course since its a Mommie’s job, smothered him in kisses.

darth maul

Honestly, I don’t see the connection between Snake Man and Darth Maul but, Hey, I wasn’t going to rain on his parade.  Even though I did tell him Darth’s real name at lunch.  Just Keepin’ It Real!

Avery being serious for the moment.


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