Five Ryans In Five Years

Day #9-Dishwasher Tablet+Dress=???????

In Uncategorized on April 20, 2011 at 12:06 AM

A few years ago, Mike’s dad gave us a flower girls dress that they had found while moving out of their house.  At the time it fit Jasmine but she was too short and would trip on the hem and it was badly stained from some unfortunate event whenever the pervious owner wore it.  I washed it in the washer with a good dose of laundry detergent thinking, “Hey!  Its already stained; lets see if this works.”  Well, the washing took out most of the dirt smudges and freshened it up a lot BUT made a huge stain appear.  I let Jasmine try it on a few times over the next couple of years but she was getting to chubby so I figured she’d outgrown it.

In all my organizing yesterday, I found it folded up in a pile on the kids’ closet shelf.  I had Jasmine try it on again and it ACTUALLY FIT!  I was shocked and Jasmine was smiling ear to ear!  She wore it around the house for a bit then I took it off so she could play.  This got me thinking….can I still remove those huge stains without damaging the dress?  It was make such a pretty dress for the girls to wear in the future.  I did some searching online and discovered that if you put 1/4 cup of dishwasher detergent in the washer with the dress it would whiten it without using bleach; which was something I DID NOT want to try.

Still thinking I had nothing to lose other than ruining a dress, I threw a dishwasher tablet in with warm water to wash and rinse.  Being very skeptical and very curious, I waited the 30 minutes and then checked on my little science experiment.  As soon as I pulled the dress out of the washer, I could immediately tell it was decidedly whiter but what about the stains?  After wrestling the tulle, petticoat, and skirt to their proper locations, I held it up to the light and it was CLEAN!  m

In other news, I have a Go Fish fan in training!  This morning, Titus was fussy so I set up by laptop beside him on the counter playing Go Fish songs from YouTube.  I at least figured that the noise would distract him but eventually, Titus turned his head towards the noise and was watching Go Fish!  He laid their contentedly watching for almost an entire song.

My phone and I are not getting along so I’ll have to post pictures as soon as we start getting along.  For now enjoy this picture.

This is our FIRST kiss on our wedding day!

  1. I remember you saying be sure the photographer gets a picture of “the Kiss”! 😉

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