Five Ryans In Five Years

Day #8-Organizing, organizing, coma

In Uncategorized on April 19, 2011 at 12:17 AM

The work week has started again.  Mike has another week of 12 hour days and he is already very tired of working and of work.  Please pray for him; pray for renewal of mind, spirit, and heart.  Please pray for me and the kids as we try to encourage and uplift Mike as a family.

Mike doing what he loves to do, besides be hubby and daddie, Preach. This is him preaching in the early spring of 2010.

Today, I started the long process if “upgrading” our kids’ bedrooms to big kid rooms.  Yesterday, as you all well know, was when Avery got his Big Boy Bed; today, I was able to reorganize and consolidate the kids’ closet, move Jasmine’s dresses to the office that will soon be the girls’ room, and remove a wire crate storage unit.  I was very tempted to do more but stopped myself from probably bad decision.  I am actually quite dangerous when I get what my parents loving call, “A Melissa Cleany” where in which I clean, toss, and organize until I’m exhausted then get into trouble later for throwing away and/or moving an important item.  There is still much to do but I’m going to take my time so I make very wise decisions.

Titus still like to keep his Mommie on her toes regarding his health.  This time is was constipation issues.  He is currently taking ONE medicine which is a multivitamin PLUS Iron and is drinking my pumped breastmilk with Similac Expert Care Neosure PLUS Iron formula.  Because he is getting a lot of iron and has been somewhat stressed because he’s at home with his “quiet” older siblings and very busy Mommie and Daddie, Titus started getting constipated starting mid week last week up until today when he FINALLY started going again.  Mike and I had been praying that he would start going again soon or we’d have to take him in; something we didn’t want to do because of RSV season still in full swing.  Eventually by late afternoon, God answered our prayers and Titus rewarded us with not one, not two, but THREE messy diapers!  YAY!  You know you are a parent when you get excited about messy diapers and aren’t embarrassed about it.

As far as his overall health, he is doing quite well.  He had his first doctor’s appointment last week that I mentioned and he weights around 9 pounds 10 or so ounces.  I can tell he is bigger than that today though.  I do believe he will be lighter than the other kids because he’s not as much of a chunk like his older brothers.  Those of you that have picked up Avery and Collin will know what I mean.

This is Titus tonight after his bedtime bottle AND after he flashed a very quick grin at Daddie.

This is Titus last week before we left the hospital.

  1. This made me smile. I must be a mom too. You know you are a parent when you get excited about messy diapers and aren’t embarrassed about it. Praying for you all.

  2. He is so very handsome. Great job working to get organized. Great job stopping when you needed to stop. It is so hard sometimes to decided when to go and when to stop. Titus looks so handsome and relaxed.


  3. I know about that praying for child to have stools. We have asked our church even to pray for this with Lilly . Its funny how happy us moms can get over that. God has such a sense of humor. Titus looks so content and restful. My advice keep pacing yourself girl you have lots to do and your home now don’t try get all done in 1-2 days.
    Of course that’s unlikely with a house full as there always is lots to do.

    • Judy, even if I wanted to do all the upgrading to their rooms I couldn’t anyways because I don’t have all the furniture I need to complete even phase 1 completely. But all in due time and at God’s time. 😀

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