Five Ryans In Five Years

Day #6-Surprise and tears

In Uncategorized on April 16, 2011 at 11:26 PM

My parents came to visit the kids and see Titus for the first time outside the hospital.  Instead of letting the kids know about them, Mike and I wanted until my parents and sister pulled into our driveway.  As soon as I saw their van, I called the kids to come and sit by the basement door.  They came and sat down looking at their Easter cards from Grandma and Grandpa Evans.  I figured they would jump up and down when the kids saw my parents and sister but instead Avery, Jasmine, Collin, and Cora just sat and stared in total disbelief!  So sweet and funny.  I wish I got a picture but the camera wasn’t close enough to grab; something about a Baby Titus in my arms.

Titus had fun get extra snuggle time in with Grandma Meyer today and crashed for about an hour in her arms.  Grandma happily obliged the opportunity to snuggle with a grandbaby.  Mike, Mom, and Dad took lots of pictures; I will be uploading them onto my Facebook tonight and I’m sure Mike will be uploading them to his Facebook, too.

Because Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt “Dephy” Steph were here, I didn’t put the kids down for a nap, so by the time we wanted to take “organized” pictures of the kids, tears were the main contender in the arena of grandbabies.

Avery getting to hold Baby Titus for the first time.

Grandpa Meyer, Cora, and Jasmine snuggling on the couch. Gotta love our killer couch pattern, huh? hehehe

Collin snuggling with Grandpa Meyer listening to a story.

This is our first attempt at a family picture with the kids but since they didnt get a nap, some were too tired to tolerate any instructions.

Jasmine and Collin looking at books and getting ready for their photo op.

Cora enjoying seeing herself on Grandmas camera.


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