Five Ryans In Five Years

Day #5-Glasses and snuggles

In Uncategorized on April 16, 2011 at 5:18 AM

Titus was in a very snuggly mood today.  He got to snuggled up to Daddie AND Mommie for up to at least an hour each!  I even got a hard lesson in properly applying Titus’ nasal canula stickers.  When I gave Titus his first bath at home, 2 days ago, I changed his nasal canula (nose piece) and used paper tape.  Well, the paper tape caused an allergic reaction on his chubby cheeks so I tried to replacing them with some different stickers called “Tender Grips” but they were both too sticky and at the wrong angle.  By supper time, Titus was starting to turn slightly blue so instead of getting food on the table on time, Daddie and Mommie had to spend a good 5-10 minutes rescuing our little Ducky.  This time, I used the 3M Tegaderm Film instead.  Mike helped by holding Titus’ arms down and keeping him as calm as possible while I pushed the nose piece fully up his tiny nose and taped the tubes down.  A few minutes afterward, Titus was all happy and pink again. Praise God for the Tegaderm Films!  I LOVE them and so does Titus.

Titus yesterday with paper tape on his cheeks; notice the angle of the nose piece.

Titus today with Tender Grips stickers; again, notice the angle of the nose piece.

Titus getting snuggle time in with Mommie and a properly placed nose piece.

Titus found a THUMP-THUMP and a snuggly Mommie.

The other important news in our household is that a few weeks ago, Jasmine’s glasses got broken by a very “helpful” Avery.  Since we couldn’t take Jasmine in for her yearly appointment, I ended up ordering new frames.  I got a call yesterday from the eye doctor stating that they had come in.  YAY!  So today, I took Jasmine with me to run a couple of errands and she was so happy to have her glasses back.

Sweetie pie Jasmine and her pretty smile

  1. Hey little Sis,
    Love the family blog! Have fun “playing around” with it! Keep up the good work as Mommy!
    Love ya,
    emtgirl 😉

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