Five Ryans In Five Years

Day #3-First Family Outing since October

In Uncategorized on April 14, 2011 at 5:14 AM

Today was an exciting day in our house, we ALL got to go to Fort Dodge as a FAMILY!  Mike worked half a day and then came home to take me and all the kids to Titus’ first doctor’s appointment.  The kids were all excited, even Titus’ he fussed most of the morning.  We all had a quick meal of humble hamburgers, corn, bread for the kids, Cora has her first bit of meat with corn; she loved it, and Mike had his burger in a tortilla shell, slice of swiss cheese, BBQ sauce and a layer of guacamole; mine was the same minus the cheese.  YUMMY!!!!!   If you haven’t tried hamburger with guacamole, you should try it!  Its good stuff!

Titus’s appointment went well.  Unfortunately I didn’t get pictures of him getting weighed.  He left the hospital weighing in at 9 pounds 4 ounces and today is 9 pounds 8 ounces.  He turned a little blue on the way to Fort Dodge but I think his nasal canula was not in his nose or he wasn’t sitting straight up in his car seat.  I was extra careful to make sure he was positioned correctly both him and his seat before leaving the office and he stayed a nice, cute pink.  When we got home, I changed him into his first froggie sleeper and socks and he slept for 2 hours!


Mommie! Daddie! That was!

Since Titus’ doctor’s want him to say home until RSV season is over, he and I stayed home from church which allowed me to give him a full feeding, start laundry, start the dishwasher and take out the NASTY garbage!  Also, I unpacked ALL our bags and put them all into storage for the first time since November.  I was so happy to officially end that chapter of our lives as traveling gypsies.

When Mike brought the kids home from church, we quickly changed into jammies and then I chased all four of them around the house just to get the wiggles out; even Cora was laughing and squealing along with her brothers and sisters.  Then, of course, Mike and I were “nice” and woke Titus back up for his last feeding before bedtime.  It took stripping him down to his diaper and using a cold, wet wipe to shock Titus out of his slumber.  Yes, this is a pragmatic Mommie that wants to sleep!  And yet, here I am on the puter, figures!  hehe  oh well!  Here’s some pictures of our unhappy Little Peanut.

NO! I will NOT wake up!

NO! I told you! I DO NOT WANT TO WAKE UP!!!!

FINE!!! You wake me up! I'm gonna....gonna.....WAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! CRY!!!!!!!!

Okay, now that I'm awake; where's Mommie and WHERE'S MY FOOD?!?


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