Five Ryans In Five Years

Day #2-What’s that scratching noise outside?

In Uncategorized on April 13, 2011 at 3:18 AM

So ends Day #2 in the Ryan household with 5 kids in bed, one cat sleeping on Mike’s chair, and a pile of folded laundry beside me on the couch (keepin’ it real!).

I’m slowly getting used to the buzzing and puffing of Titus’ Liquid Oxygen Concentrator that Apreia Home Health brought up.  Gone are the totally silent nap times I suppose.  So far, Titus has the liquid oxygen concentrator that makes its own oxygen for him without having to change out tanks.  He also has a oxygen pulse meter that measures the oxygen level in his blood; this machine only has to be attached to his foot a couple times again, thankfully.  The last piece of equipment that Titus’ doctors sent him home with is an apnea monitor; this monitor is old hat for Mike and I since Avery had one for his first year.

This afternoon, some of our pastor’s sons came over to the parsonage to start scraping off paint outside.  They started this morning, with some help from one of the men in the church, on the west side of the garage and wrapped their way around to the north side of the house.

Honorary Paint Scraper Danny

It was nap time by that then so when I put Collin down for his nap and walked back in a few minutes later, he had a look of sheer terror on his face because of the scratching noise; but he fell asleep quickly.  Avery, however,…well… just look that the picture and you can figure out how he spent his nap time.

Avery looking outside watching the boys work!

Let’s just say, he was really tired and ready for bed tonight.  Sleep well, Bub!

We had breakfast for supper tonight and Cora was my saus chief.  She really enjoyed helping and enjoyed two pancakes as her reward.

Cora helping Mommie make supper


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