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I’m surrounded by goofballs!

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This the latest creations my boys made with homemade play dough.


When did she grow up!?!

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Ah-Choo!!!! Anyone here? Hello? Hello?

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A lot has happened since I last updated this blog.

Since its late, my hands hurt (blame the weather), and writer’s block is trying to win I’m going give y’all the comin’s and goin’s of the Ryan House, in no special order.


-Mike was able to come home “early” a couple of days last week, Monday, and yesterday from work!  YAY!!!  The kids and I were super excited to have him home with us.

-Cora can say, “stuck” whenever she is in her chair and wants down.  She can also say, shoes, sock, Daddie, Avery, Baby, Uit (fruit), Titus, and a few more words.

-Cora loves to empty the diaper storage unit in the kids’ room EVERY night.

-Cora dribbled juice on my laptop so now the A, Z, and Q keys don’t work.  I should try writing a blog sometime and see if anyone can understand me.   Hummmmmmmm…..  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

-Titus is still having trouble holding his head up; he simply doesn’t have the desire to do it.  I’m gotten him used to being on his side today…FINALLY!

-Titus had another appointment with his lung specialist, Dr Sheets.  Dr Sheets said that Titus lungs sound better than when he heard them back in April.  We can now start weaning Titus off of the oxygen.  Praise God!  When Titus came home from the hospital April 10th, he was on a 1/2 liter per minute (LPM) and now can go down as far as 1/8 LPM depending on what he is doing or how high the pollen count is.  As of Friday, June 9th, he weights 14 pounds 1 ounce!  We officially have a chunky Ryan baby.

-Avery used the toilet to go poo instead of his diaper twice this week.  This is a HUGE thing for us because he insists on going in his diaper instead.  GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!  VERY annoying!  (I’m sorry for the TMI.)

-Jasmine got several pretty dresses from one of the ladies in our church. She was super excited over the shirt that had butterflies on it and was pink.

-Collin tried being in underwear yesterday.  He did pretty good.  I can tell he is just like his momma!  He will only potty standing in the shower with warm water running on his feet and me splashing him with warm water!  Crazy kid!  😀

-I went to the Ladies Scrapbooking MInistry this past Saturday; this is a first since last fall.  I didn’t scrapbook but cut out pieces for a dress I was going to make for Jasmine when she was 18 months old.  Now I’m making it for Cora; the material has red and blue “Republican” printed on a white background.  It was supposed to be for the 2008 elections so I’m going to try to get it done soon so Cora can wear it for this years political get together in Humbolt in July.  Wish me luck!

-Titus had a baby shower by the church.  Grandma Ryan and Aunt Melissa (Mike’s step-sister) came also.  Titus got to snuggle with Gramdma and another lady at church.  Just because Titus wanted to be ornery, he set off his alarm making all the ladies almost hit the panic button.

Collin and Titus snuggling together for a few minutes.

Cora enjoying asparagus for the first time.

Aunt "Dephie" Steph and 4 of the munchkins.

i’m a Little Ducky Short and Stout. Here is my hand, Here is my toy….

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Today was celebrated with a several firsts:

Mike was home all day for the FIRST time this week with myself and the kids.

The older four got their showers/bath on a Saturday night for the FIRST time since October 2010.

Titus learned to hold onto his FIRST toys we got him yesterday.  YAY!!!!  I posted a picture up on my Facebook, but I’ll show you again.  I wanted to do a video but by the time I had my phone set on video camera, Titus had dropped this toys out of his hands.  So, here’s the next line to “I’m a little teapot” Ryan-style called, “I’m a Little Ducky”

I’m a Little Ducky short and stout.

Here is my hand, Here is my toy.

Titus holding his new toys for the FIRST time.

Also, anther FIRST happened tonight, Mike and I were able to get the church bulletin proofed, printed, and delivered to the church before midnight!  Praise God!  “Early bedtime!”  BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Writer’s block resurrected! AHHHHH!!!!!

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For some bizarre reason Writer’s Block must now be a zombie because the evil beast just won’t stay dead! 

BAM!!  BAM!!!   (smoke clears)   oh man!  He’s still alive time to call in reinforcements!

I’m a little Ducky short and stout…

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Yippee!  Spring has finally sprung in our house!  We went on our SECOND walk today to our local grocer.  The kids were ubber excited when I told them before breakfast was done.  As soon as everyone’s hands and faces were washed, we had pancakes, the older three ran to get their shoes on!  Cora just sat and waited in ther chair watching her siblings chatter with glee.  The main point of going to the store was to get both Collin and Jasmine and Collin almond milk, WIC, and a few things for tonight’s supper.

Every few weeks, Mike…errr…I’m and responsible for providing supper for the men’s Bible study at our church on Thursday nights.  In the past, I have made chicken soup, chili, lasagna, frozen pizza (eww!), Dr. Pepper Chocolate Cake, Mt. Dew Apple Cobbler, vegetable salad, etc.  Tonight’s menu consisted of what is called, “Marlboro Man Sandwich”  the recipe found at:

Mike and I LOVE this sandwich!  I prefer it made with just soy sauce and Mike likes it made with Worcestershire Sauce.  The men appearently liked it because my crock pot was empty.  😀  YAY!!!!  Oh!  and I made roasted garlic butter too.  Also on the menu was Mt. Dew Apple Cobbler; which is basically like any apple cobbler from scratch recipe with the addition of 1 cup Mt. Dew instead of the lemon juice.  I make my cobbler totally from scratch.  Since I love to share recipes that are “nummy,” I will soon be adding a recipe page to this blog.  🙂

Lastly, here’s a bunch of pictures of Titus from tonight and Tuesday.

Baby Titus showing off the ducky jammies Daddie got him.Wanna come play with me and my siblings?Monkey jammies from Daddie!I'm a little Duck short and stout.......

Hey! No looking at my bum! Oh wait! There a Monkey there! HAHA! 😀
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Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Mommie, there’s our house!

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I will be cooking supper for the men’s Bible study this Thursday.  Since I desperatly needed cooking supplies, the kids and I walked from our house across town (small town) to our local grocer.  Avery, Jasmine, and Collin were overjoyed when I announced the upcoming plans while finishing feeding Titus his mid-morning bottles.  Yes, I did say “bottles;”  more on that later.  The kids quickly picked up their toys, books, and animals.  Either got their shoes themselves or brought them to me and then changed diapers.  Avery kept saying, “I’m ready to go!”  I kept telling him, “That’s nice.  Thank you for getting ready, now wait for me.”  🙂  He probably said it a total of 6-7 times before I threatened no trip.  He quieted down FAST!  😀  BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

On the walk there, the kids had to establish walking order, who would walk where, how fast, who would wear the kiddie harness, and/0r who would hang on to the stroller.  Avery did pretty good staying ahead of Jasmine and away from the front of the stroller.  Jasmine and Collin took turns being the slow ones; Collin the worst since it was his first time walking since last year he was riding with Cora.  Cora just took it all in quietly from the front seat.  Titus used the opportunity to achieve some very strenuous work:  sleep.  I intentionally took the least traveled roads for a couple of reasons:  A.)  today school got out early and I didn’t want to have to worry about teenage drivers around our precious munchkins and B.)  I didn’t want to scare Collin and Jasmine too much with on-coming traffic.  Avery is used to it since he and I walked A LOT when I was preggy with Jasmine and Collin.

At the store, Avery took it upon himself as the big boy helper and help push the mini cart around the store.  Its almost as tall as Avery and has two plastic, blue food baskets on it.  He completely enjoyed the responsibility.  He did an awesome job steering, too.  He only had a little trouble down the cereal aisle because of several display cases and a few big cases of cereal boxes waiting to be put away.  As a treat for being awesome helpers in the store and because I knew I would have a revolt, I got them their own bottle of flavored water and a quick lunch to prepare at home:  instant fully loaded mashed potatoes and two cans of Campbell’s Old Fashioned Beef  Soup to put on top.  My mom made that soup a lot when I was our kids’ age and enjoyed it; I was throughly pleased when they all gobbled it up, too.  😀

I can tell Titus has hit a growth spirt!  He no longer is satisfied with 4 ounces of formula every hour hours, he has to have 5-6 ounces instead.  But DON’T give it to him in a logical 8 ounce bottle!   He doesn’t like them.  He would rather have his little 4 ounce bottles from the hospital!  Goof Ball!  😀  So, I have to warm up 3 ounces per bottle and then we have a very happy, full, contented baby.  YAY!!!

While on bed rest back in November, Avery would ask me at least 1-3 times a day why I was always laying down on the couch.  I would tell him, “because my tummy hurts;” which it did at the time!  😀  Collin, being my smart little wiper-snaper, decided to follow my example.  He had an upseat tummy that day, so when I got up to go the bathroom, I returned to see him on the couch curled up in a ball.  Both Mike and I told him to get down but he just grunted and gave us this cute pouty face.  Next thing we knew, Collin had messed his diaper BIG TIME!  Mike and I just started laughing, I changed Collin, snuggled with him as much as I could, then Collin was all better.

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SILENCE is golden….duct tape is silver!

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I’m am so thankful today is over and everyone, as of this moment :D, is fast asleep dreaming about dancing sugar plums.  Wait!  That’s Christmas, sorry!  Since I intend on honoring Writer’s Block memory, I will like to inform ya’ll what I do late at night instead of sleeping.

1.  Check Facebook.  Spy on everyone’s very important status reports, comment as needed.

2.  Check Millionaire City app.  VERY addicting but not too addicting that I’m doing it instead of everything I’m SUPPOSED to be doing i.e.: Sleeping right now.  😉

3.  Play Millionaire City for about 15 minutes MINIMUM.

4.  Check Yahoo since Yahoo has the most reliable information; like who is dating whom and who wore what to which movie awards ceremony.

5.  Get bored on Yahoo so head over The Pioneer Woman blog.  Get update on her life and all the goings on at their ranch.

6.  Once I’ve had my “country while living in the city” fill, I head over to Babies-R-Us and dream.  For the record, I AM NOT PREGGY!!!  I just like to “window shop” there!  😀

7.  Depending on the time, I repeat cycle until the toothpicks that are holding my eyes open splinter and fall out.  As soon as that happens, I stumble down to the basmeent switch out the laundry one last time for the day and go to bed.

8.  Lastly, I sleep as sound as I can until one or all of the following happen:

a.  Titus’ alarm goes off.

b.  Check on Titus’.

c.  Mike snores REALLY loud.

d.  Cora cries out in the night.

e.  Jasmine cries out in the night.

f.  Collin cries out in the night.

g.  My brain remembers I didn’t cover Cora’s bed with a blanket to keep her warm.  Get out of bed and do that.

h.  Get back in bed, find my “sweet spot” then remember I didn’t turn on the heater in the older kids’ room.  Get out of bed to do that.

i.  Go BACK to bed.  Realize I have to go the bathroom.  Stop and get a snack, get a drink and/or snack, brush teeth, check on everyone one “last” time.


k.  Mike’s alarm goes off at 5:00am.



P.S.:  Please pray for Cora.  She has been spiking a fever last night, this morning, this afternoon, and this evening before bed.  Please pray she gets better and I can get her to the doctor’s office.


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Just get me to the church…get me to the church…Get me to the church on time!

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Today was Titus’ first full day at church!  😀  He enjoyed it SO much he slept through most of it; except for when one of the gentlemen in the church announced that he was thankful that Titus could be here at church.  As soon as his name was mentioned, Titus’ eyes popped open and started looking around.  Mike and I started giggling.  The older 4 loved that Mommie was at church today also.  Avery snuggled up REALLY close and all three of them argued who was going to sit beside me since I was already holding Cora.  Avery and Collin both got turns; Jasmine will get her turn next week, if I remember.  🙂

ALSO, today is Mike’s Burpday!  I told Avery and the kids to give Daddie lots of hugs and kisses because today is Daddie’s birthday and his a big boy now!  hehehe  Mike just smirked at me.  Today Mike turned 21…again!  BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

In other news, Cora spiked a 99.7 fever right before bedtime.  I gave her the full dosage of tylenol alloted for her; three-fourths teaspoon.  Her temp went down to 97.1 in an hour or less; we are thinking she is either teething or she has an ear infection.  Collin seems to be doing okay on the almond milk for the last 24 hours.  The real test is when he goes back to his chiro this week.  I’m praying that Collin and Jasmine’s chiro will say that both are improving and all 4 of their valves are in alignment.  (I doubt it.)

In keeping with my earlier promise, here are more picture of the munchkins!  Enjoy!

Cora glaring at the camera

Cora being cora for the camera

Jasmine cheesing it up for the camera

Avery is modeling how big Titus' four day oxygen tank is! He's a few inches taller!? What happened to my little nine pound baby boy!? WAHHHHHH!!! 😉 Just kidding.

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Writer’s Block has been murdered! BWAHAHAHA!!!

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I decided to kill my dear ol’ friend, Writer’s Block.  If you would like to leave flowers, cards, gifts, even money please send them to my street address and I’ll see to it that I place them on the grave of Writer’s Block.  The viewing is scheduled on Monday, May 23, 2011 at our house.  Internment will be in our backyard under the ol’ oak tree on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at 10:00AM.  There will a small lunch provided at noon.  😉

In loving memory of Writer’s Block, I would like to share that Collin is “officially” allergic to dairy milk.  This adventure to today has been two, LONG years!  When Collin was a baby, he would get constipated for weeks at a time.  Collin did “okay” on dairy milk for the past two years; he was easier to get his BMs than Jasmine.  Back in January, we started sending Jasmine to a chiropractor to have her colon adjusted.  Apparently there are four valves in your large colon.  I don’t know the technical names…yet!  😀  Jasmine is almost completely adjusted except for the last valve at the end of the colon.  😉  Anyway, Collin started having problems with his BMs.

After going a few weeks in a row, his chiro informed me to try take me off of dairy.  This last week or so I had reduced his milk and as much forms of dairy as I could.  Collin loved the extra apple juice!  😀  As the week progressed I started to notice that Collin’s face/body wasn’t as “chubby” as before.

This is Collin on the 9th drinking as much milk as he wanted.This is Collin on the 14th when I started to limit his dairy. Notice his face is starting to slim down.

This is Collin this morning after having Dairy-ease milk and his face was slighty swollen overnight.

This is Collin today after nap his nap; he had Almond Milk for lunch.

I’m making a big deal about the swelling because last year one of our family doctor’s said that if you are allergic to milk, your face/body will swell almost immediately.

We are now going to turn our attention to Titus to see if he, too, is allergic to milk also.  If he is, then we would have to get a different formula for him.

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