Five Ryans In Five Years

When did she grow up!?!

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Ah-Choo!!!! Anyone here? Hello? Hello?

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A lot has happened since I last updated this blog.

Since its late, my hands hurt (blame the weather), and writer’s block is trying to win I’m going give y’all the comin’s and goin’s of the Ryan House, in no special order.


-Mike was able to come home “early” a couple of days last week, Monday, and yesterday from work!  YAY!!!  The kids and I were super excited to have him home with us.

-Cora can say, “stuck” whenever she is in her chair and wants down.  She can also say, shoes, sock, Daddie, Avery, Baby, Uit (fruit), Titus, and a few more words.

-Cora loves to empty the diaper storage unit in the kids’ room EVERY night.

-Cora dribbled juice on my laptop so now the A, Z, and Q keys don’t work.  I should try writing a blog sometime and see if anyone can understand me.   Hummmmmmmm…..  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

-Titus is still having trouble holding his head up; he simply doesn’t have the desire to do it.  I’m gotten him used to being on his side today…FINALLY!

-Titus had another appointment with his lung specialist, Dr Sheets.  Dr Sheets said that Titus lungs sound better than when he heard them back in April.  We can now start weaning Titus off of the oxygen.  Praise God!  When Titus came home from the hospital April 10th, he was on a 1/2 liter per minute (LPM) and now can go down as far as 1/8 LPM depending on what he is doing or how high the pollen count is.  As of Friday, June 9th, he weights 14 pounds 1 ounce!  We officially have a chunky Ryan baby.

-Avery used the toilet to go poo instead of his diaper twice this week.  This is a HUGE thing for us because he insists on going in his diaper instead.  GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!  VERY annoying!  (I’m sorry for the TMI.)

-Jasmine got several pretty dresses from one of the ladies in our church. She was super excited over the shirt that had butterflies on it and was pink.

-Collin tried being in underwear yesterday.  He did pretty good.  I can tell he is just like his momma!  He will only potty standing in the shower with warm water running on his feet and me splashing him with warm water!  Crazy kid!  😀

-I went to the Ladies Scrapbooking MInistry this past Saturday; this is a first since last fall.  I didn’t scrapbook but cut out pieces for a dress I was going to make for Jasmine when she was 18 months old.  Now I’m making it for Cora; the material has red and blue “Republican” printed on a white background.  It was supposed to be for the 2008 elections so I’m going to try to get it done soon so Cora can wear it for this years political get together in Humbolt in July.  Wish me luck!

-Titus had a baby shower by the church.  Grandma Ryan and Aunt Melissa (Mike’s step-sister) came also.  Titus got to snuggle with Gramdma and another lady at church.  Just because Titus wanted to be ornery, he set off his alarm making all the ladies almost hit the panic button.

Collin and Titus snuggling together for a few minutes.

Cora enjoying asparagus for the first time.

Aunt "Dephie" Steph and 4 of the munchkins.

i’m a Little Ducky Short and Stout. Here is my hand, Here is my toy….

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Today was celebrated with a several firsts:

Mike was home all day for the FIRST time this week with myself and the kids.

The older four got their showers/bath on a Saturday night for the FIRST time since October 2010.

Titus learned to hold onto his FIRST toys we got him yesterday.  YAY!!!!  I posted a picture up on my Facebook, but I’ll show you again.  I wanted to do a video but by the time I had my phone set on video camera, Titus had dropped this toys out of his hands.  So, here’s the next line to “I’m a little teapot” Ryan-style called, “I’m a Little Ducky”

I’m a Little Ducky short and stout.

Here is my hand, Here is my toy.

Titus holding his new toys for the FIRST time.

Also, anther FIRST happened tonight, Mike and I were able to get the church bulletin proofed, printed, and delivered to the church before midnight!  Praise God!  “Early bedtime!”  BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!